A Comprehensive Guide to Airdrops: How to Always Walk Out with a Bag Full of Tokens

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A Summary of what the article is about:

Airdrops can be a great way to make money, but many people end up losing money because they don’t follow the rules. This guide provides tips on how to be eligible for airdrops, such as exploring the ecosystem, defining a timeline, tracking network activity, making quality transactions, using the network, holding crypto, not linking wallets, and ensuring security.
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Airdrops can be a goldmine! 💰

But many people are losing $10 000 — $100 000 chasing it. 🪂

Don’t be one of them ❗️

Follow this complete guide and you’ll always be eligible.

1️⃣ Exploring the Ecosystem.

First point, let’s explore the ecosystem and all its parts.

Pay close attention to:
▫️ Wallets
▫️ Bridges
▫️ DEX
▫️ NFT
▫️ Perpetual Trading
▫️ Liquidity protocols

2️⃣ Timeline

To optimize the use of resources, define a time frame.

▫️ 100 transactions made over 6 months — will lead to an airdrop.
▫️ 100 transactions in a single day, and remaining inactive for the following 6 months — disqualify you from an airdrop.

For ex. @zksync has announced Era Mainnet, but this is only an Alpha version.

We probably have at least 4–8 months to be active with the goal of getting airdrop.

Never stick to deadlines, snapshot can be made earlier.

3️⃣ Fees

It’s important factor — transaction fees.

Keep in mind that as user traffic increases, transaction fees will likely go up.

Less fees = less cost = more benefit by airdrop.

To track network activity use @DuneAnalytics.

4️⃣ Quality transactions

Most requirements for airdrops boil to transaction quality.

Simply making a few quick swaps won’t cut it — you’ll just end up empty-handed. 👇

▫️ For traders, DEX or Perp platform in the right network is the way to go.

▫️ For Yield farmers should for local Liquidity Protocols.

▫️ And if you need to swap tokens: bridge it, swap and withdraw.

Easy as pie!

5️⃣ Using the Network

Stay active in the network at least once a week:

▫️ Swap your staked USDC for USDT and put them back into farming.

▫️ Buy ETH in L2, then bridge in L1 to buy something.

▫️ Whatever you do in L1, do in L2 and use the bridge.

6️⃣ Holding crypto

Always holding any tokens in your wallet, preferably native network token.

One of the main requirements of $ARB airdrop was to have ETH on wallet.

And it is very likely that this will be applied in many projects.

7️⃣ Don’t link your wallet

Avoid linking your wallet to others wallets, even sending ETH to a friend can cause you to miss an airdrop.

Keep your everyday wallets separate from your airdrop wallets or use them carefully.

8️⃣ Security

Don’t rely on just one wallet to work on all airdrops.

Always use at least 2 wallets.

If your wallet gets hacked or you fall victim to a scam or drainer, you risk losing all the hard-earned progress you’ve spent months, or even years, accumulating.

9️⃣ Maximum Profit

Since have to pay fees for actions on Mainnet, all actions should be well thought out.

Don’t spend the last of your money to participate in an airdrop because it could happen as soon as a month or as far away as a few years from now.

🔟Profitable Swaps

Use DeFiLlama Swap to find the best price and reduce fees and slippage costs.

1️⃣1️⃣ Whales actions

Here’s an important tip for the experienced people:

Whale action is key, and @Deebs_DeFi breaks it down in an enlightening Twitter thread.

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